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Big Data

Big data

Big Data

As we say Big, we mean it. Real time data analytics and metrics are one of the best way out to speak success & growth numbers. On its own, big data isn’t useful. It’s just big. But when it’s combined with the right technology and expertise, it can change the world. Our big data platforms are designed to deliver. Insights, solutions, answers. But most importantly, they will transform your organisation by making data your most strategic asset. our core platforms provide the outstanding level of insight you need to become a truly responsive and customer-led organisation. Big Data is very wide in scope and its usage covers a large spectrum of applications from targeted advertisement and recommendation systems, to energy consumption estimation and smart metering. Our expertise lies in framing the data analytics tools to support your development environment so as to implement your application by MESOS & YARN, using implementation tools such as Apache HADOOP and Apache SPARK. To augment the data and analytics integration, we are well versed with APACHE KAFKA (A Queuing mechanism) as well.